Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jonathan Moyo has a right to take part in any initiative

This is in reply to Masola Wadabudabu's article on Jonathan Moyo's eligibility to take part in a coalilation. Jonathan Moyo should be involved in any initiative aimed at bettering the life of Zimbabweans and the economic situation in the country. He has the right to involved in any coalation as long as he is willing and can contribute positively. Its true that there were a lot of changes that he brought during his time as the Minister of Information.

There was an increase in the local content on television and radio some of it did not even deserve airplay.The real question is do we want local content on our stations or not. We do want local content but it has to be of stomachable quality. This then takes us to the script writters the directors producers and actors/actresses themselves, do we have a quality of actors that really hit the mark? The answer is a resounding no. There is nothing wrong with palying local content look at other countries like Botswana, most of their programs are in SeTswana, South Africa's SABC TV channels they display pride in being South African , need i give more examples. The problem with Zimbabwe is that the words Zimbabwe and Zanu Pf now mean the same thing.

Increasing the amouint of local content on tv was an opportunity for local artists to up their game, it was saying here is a chance to be aired but give us quality. So the issue is with quality control and not the amount of local content. Control the quality of programs aired and have a happy viewership. The other factor is the continued tribal dominance of Shona shows on tv. Amakhosi has good quality shows that are even shown in New Zealand and America, but not in Zimbabwe, but in ZTV there is a recycling of old and boring Shona dramas. Ndebele shows do not last on air look at S'titsha, Amakorokoza, to name a few that survived the tribal dominance that has haunted Ndebele shows long before and after Jonathan Moyo was Mininster of information.

Daily news, while it proved to be against the gvt at the time of its bombing let not forget that was infact a Jeff Nyarota editorial. This is the same Nyarota that advocated for the deployment of the fifth brigade in Matabeleland and the Midlands during the "Momentof Madness". Nyarota specifically asked for the fifth brigade not the first or the second not even the third but the fifth he knew what it was doing in those areas and he agreed with it he was singing praises for the killers and even requesting for reinforcement so they kill even more efficiently. Masola is this the man we should cry for when his newspaper is bombed. Why should we trust Jeff, how do we know that The Daily News was not sour grapes, after the end of his time as gvt mouthpiece. He no longer stands in good terms with gvt Jeff now wants to join hands with everyone to see Zanu Pf out? Excuse me?(M Wadabudabu 2008)

Don't get me wrong i seriously did not like the content of what was on our airwaves and tv.Like i said it was poor quality it did not deserve airplay. But there was an Inbalance in terms of access to broadcasts that had to be fixed. Why should one part of the country have access to more than 5 local channels including a second free to air, yet the other pat of the country suffers with one, Johnno had to do something now sisonke.

Its funny how people always choose to look at the negative when looking at Moyo's time in office. He did some positive things to local communitties. Prof made donations to schools that the old guard had not made he donated computers , that brought smiles to the kids in those rural schools who now know what a computer is and can use it. He donated monies to develop schools in the region, I was in Tsholotsho during the 2000 drought Prof ensured there were trucks of maize meal that were brought out , not only in Tsholotsho but in other areas such as Nkayi ,Lupane you name it, something that none of the old guard from Matabeleland were taking part in. Today there are communitties that benefit from boreholes that Prof ensured were drilled while he was still in office. There is a man capable of looking after his constituency if given the time and power. Thats positive Wadabudabu.

I know and understand that the MDC is still reeling from the after effects of the Moyo era but come on get over it. Look at Morgan so arroagnt and so out of ideas, do you honestly believe that he would have made a good president, does he really understand the nature of the white community he is dealing with? I doubt. That 2000 election was more of a protest vote than anything else. Now he has swept an opportunity to stand as one and focus on fighting BOB, does he really think he stll has support in Matabeleland, he lost it when the people got to learn his true nature.

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