Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why many will not vote for Morgan or Mugabe

There is a sad development in Zimbabwe's political field at the present moment. The MDC factions failed to reach a compromise on the united front in the coming elections. Is it greed that has brought us this far. Personally i believe that Morgan should stand aside and let somebody else lead the opposition in a United front. Morgan has failed to win elections that were clearly in his favour, i personally voted for him but alas, he lost. While i cannot dispute that votes could have been rigged but why are they always rigged in Mashonaland all the time. I remember in the late 1990s Morgan was so powerful, infact he was so powerful that when he called for a stay-away you could hear "ibhungayezi libhuza emgwaqweni" (streets would be deserted).

Morgan has discredited himself in the court of public opion and in the face of the public by commiting a series of blunders, and being involved in brawls bodering on corruption. Infact Morgan has dicredited himself so much that some feel that replacing Mugabe with Morgan is like taking off a pair of jeans and putting on a pair of tracksuit pants and then claim to be naked.

Morgan took money from the white farmers this and his close association with Britain put him in an awkward position and he could not stand clear on key issues such as land. We all know that land redistributionn was going to take place although many of us disagree with the way it was done. By failing to be clear on the land issue and by standing with the Britons, Morgan missed an opportunity to woo an election thump card THE WAR VETERANS who at the time were up in arms aginst the gvt of the day.
We have seen Morgan using recyclied and tired strategies in an attempt to tackle the gvt.By calling for stay-aways that are not taken seriously by any one, by repeatedly being assulted at rallies he calls for, knowing fully that he is putting people's lives in danger clearly demonstrates that he has run out of ideas on how to tackle the current gvt.

Morgan displayed a blantant disregard of democracy and its democratic processes by attempteing to overule the decision of the national body that voted in favour of holding senate elections and that had a devastating result of the infamous split.He further advocated for violence against those that he regarded as renegades of the party, yep, you gussed it he has a little Mugabe in him.
Recently Morgan was involved in a vignette of corruption, deceit and villainy aimed at propelling his close associates or those associated with his close associates, to key posts within the party both locally and abroad.

For the past 8 years Mugabe has wailed that the Britons are responsible for the ills that have befallen Zimbabwe, in turn Morgan has blamed mugabe.What is the point is that Mugabe as the incumbernt leader has failed to protect his country against forign forces hence he is useless as a leader.Morgan has failed to oust Bob hence the need to try a new strategy with different people.It is time for both to get out and laeve the political scene. They are both not presidential material.

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